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I made a work of art that tells something about my personal annoyances with sound and noises. I have misophonia. People with misophonia are affected emotionally by common sounds made by others and usually ones that other pay less attention to. It often involves eating sounds. What I feel when I hear these sounds is difficult to describe, but it is a kind of unpleasant shiver through my body. I try to keep the annoyances under control as much as possible, but unfortunately that is not always possible. When I am overstimulated by all the sounds, I burst into a kind of anger and sometimes it gets so bad that I can cry. I know most people are thinking that people with misophonia are exaggerating, but believe me it is a real thing. What I often do to calm down is be creative. I then try to create the image in my head in different ways and make it colorful to make myself feel better.


In this work I wanted to express my feeling of how the sound enters and then makes me feel. The thick erupted waves are the sound waves that flow into me and start to annoy me. Because they are not tight thin lines that enter my ears, they develop themselves into some kind of bursts in my head. The waves come in from the left and right and meet in the middle where my body and emotions are controlled. The reaction I give at that moment is something I need to still learn how to deal with, but it always feels like I can burst into a kind of anger. Mixing all this with my passion for art was an outlet. I was able to turn something very unpleasant in my daily life into a positive feeling for the first time.

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